10 Day Vitality Challenge FAQ

Vitality Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Deep Green

Are there any extra costs (shipping, customs, duties, etc.)?

The cost of the kit is 45% off the RRP in each region/ country. The shipping is $4.95 per pack in most regions, except UK. Some regions (like Canada) have extra custom taxes and custom duties to pay (governmental fees).


Does this offer apply to ALL the vitality packs?

No. This offer does not apply to the full size Vitality Pack. The offer only applies to the  10 Day Vitality Challenge Kit.


Can I purchase a kit for my spouse and I?

Yes! However, you will have to order them twice, with two different email addresses. This offer is a one-time offer per client/ account. You can only purchase the kit at the 45% discount once.


When I go to your website www.healthyways.miessence.com , the kit is full price. I can’t find the discounted offer.

  • To get the discount the kit must be purchased through my landing page
  • The offer is automatically applied to your email address – you only need to register through my landing page once. You can go straight through to checkout from the landing page OR return later.
  • If you have already registered for the promotion, you need to place the full price product in your cart and the discount will be applied at checkout when you enter the SAME email address used when you registered for the promotion
  • If you are an existing customers with Healthy Ways Organics and registered for the offer via the landing page, you need to login from the checkout page to access the offer.  To do this, you need to click on ‘here’ where it says ‘existing customers login here’.  This is located directly below the box where an email address is to be entered.  Once you login, you will automatically be redirected back to the checkout page to finalize your order.


I entered my email on the landing page to get more information about the vitality challenge. Now, the 10 Day Vitality Challenge kit is in my cart. I am trying to order other products, but I’m not ready to order the kit. What do I do?

The Challenge Kit can be removed from your account if you are not ready to purchase or change your mind.  An email needs to be sent to support@miessence.com  to have this done.


If I want to participate to the challenge on the first on the month, when do I have to order my kit?

You will need to order by the 16th of the month (international orders) for the monthly Challenge, to ensure you have kit by the 1st of the month (when the challenge starts).


Do I have to commit to anything after the challenge? Will I be contacted several times with other offers?

No. There is absolutely no commitment after the challenge. It is entirely up to you how you want to proceed. I will follow up with you at end of your Challenge, and I will explain an additional special offer that is unique to participants. You can choose to take advantage of this offer, or pass.


Tell me more about the monthly Facebook challenge. How does it work and when does it start?

  • The Challenge is conducted via Facebook to support Challengers.
  • Upcoming Challenge dates [Australian dates – adjust for your region i.e. June 1-10  US/Canada] are:
  • 2 June – 11 June
  • 2 July – 11 July
  • 2 August – 11 August
  • 2 September – 11 September
  • 2 October – 11 October
  • Customers can search: Miessence Superfoods Forum – Vitality Challenge on FB to join ongoing support group and learn about upcoming Challenges
  • Actual Challenge takes place in a secret group. You can’t search for it, you need to contact me to add you healthyways.birch@gmail.com
  • As your representative, I will:
  • Invite you to join this month’s Challenge
  • Send you an email when you register on my landing page
  • Send you an ebook about the challenge, superfood and recipes
  • Invite you to Facebook forum
  • Support you throughout the Challenge and help with any questions you have
  • Follow up with you at end of the Challenge with an additional special offer unique to participants.


Do I HAVE to join the Facebook group to do the challenge?

No. It is completely up to you. The option is there for extra help and support. It’s also a great forum to ask your questions, share stories and discuss possible detox effects.


Can I still qualify for the monthly full size Vitality Pack giveaway prize if I don’t participate on Facebook?

Yes! If you are not able to participate via Facebook, the giveaway form will be available to download and complete.


I have a medical condition. Is it safe to take the challenge?

It depends. If you have any medical questions or concerns regarding the use of this product, it is always best to consult with your Doctor. That being said, I’ve had clients using the products regularly (on a daily basis) whom have drastically improved their health: more energy, no more insomnia, better sugar levels, reduced cholesterol, etc. In some cases, their doctor reduced or completely removed their medication.


I am pregnant or nursing. Can I take the superfood?

Yes. According to Miessence, it is safe to participate in the Vitality Challenge if you are pregnant or nursing. However, you can consult your Doctor first.


How many calories am I consuming?

Here are the calories per serving of the Superfoods:

  • Deep Green – 11.5
  • InLiven – 19.1
  • Berry Radical – 12.6


Will I receive an information booklet with the 10 Day Vitality Pack?

Yes! The Vitality Challenge booklet is now an e-booklet with the same information, a questionnaire (to determine how much you should be taking daily) and recipes. I will send this information to you via email. Miessence removed the hard copy from the box (save the trees!) therefore, there is no hard copy booklet sent with the kit.


Can I look at the vitality booklet before ordering?

Yes! Contact me and I will email it to you healthyways.birch@gmail.com


UPS called me about my order. It is at customs and I need to clear it. They are asking for a Power of Attorney. What is that? What do I do?

Canadian customers may need to speak to UPS to clear their parcel. This usually only happens for your first Miessence order. However, some clients get regular calls.  Just return the call, confirm your details and confirm that the products are for personal use.


Are the superfoods Gluten-free?

InLiven has pre-digested wheat. People who are gluten intolerant are so because the bacteria that is supposed to digest the gluten is missing in their bodies, thus they can’t digest the gluten, which is the protein of wheat. The process of “pre-digestion” is just a way to break down the ingredients so they are more digestible when consumed. InLiven formula has been pre-digested by the lactobacilli bacteria; so all the protein has already been broken down, making it easier to digest and for your body to utilize the nutrients. Thanks to this process, a person with gluten intolerance may still be able to take InLiven.

If someone is truly a celiac then they should take Fast Tract and not InLiven. According to Czerral, the formulator of InLiven, about 80% of celiac can actually take InLiven with no problems.  It’s entirely possible that if / when they get their gut healed using Fast Tract, they may be able to use InLiven with no problem.


Can you please explain the disclaimer “Manufactured on equipment that may process, Soy, Wheat, Peanut, Nut tree and Sesame”.

The disclaimer is an obligation. There are no issues with cross contamination. Organic production requires an extensive clean-down of all equipment between every batch.