10 Day Vitality Challenge

Vitality packWhen Dr. Suzanne Buffie first developed the 10-Day Vitality Challenge with Miessence’s organic superfood blends, she did a trial with 10 of her patients and had great results.

Over 6 months, a small handful of Miessence Representatives have conducted a trial of the 10-day challenge with 300+ participants, and the results have been equally remarkable. Participants in each month’s trial group consistently reported results such as increased energy, sharper mental clarity, improved digestion and elimination, clearer skin, sounder sleep, reduced pain, eliminated headaches, and more.

To help more people experience these kinds of results from real, organic nutrition in less than 5 minutes per day, Miessence has decided to offer everyone – current and new customers alike – a special, one-time, massively reduced price on the 10-Day Vitality Challenge kit.

Miessence has brought 37 raw certified organic vegetables, fruits and greens superfoods, 5 different kinds of nutritional green grass juices, 3 kinds of ultrapure detoxifying and alkalizing blue green algaes and 13 superstrains of probiotic bacteria, plus essential amino acids and enzymes together in 3 different products to help revitalize your body! These superfoods are organic, raw and vegan. There are no fillers (sugar or sweeteners) added to the superfoods. They remain exactly the way nature intended them to be – pure, fresh and potent!

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For the first few days, it is possible that your body will experience detox effects. However, when taken consistently (in therapeutic levels), amazing things will happen! According to statistics, the average person does not consume all the proper nutrients the body needs to thrive. This could possibly be because we eat the wrong things (highly processed), we don’t have time, we are stuck in our routine and unhealthy habits (such as consuming too much caffeine or alcohol). As a result, our bodies lack nutrients, become acidic and the bacteria in our gut, is off balance. These are all cause for concern since it’s the perfect combination for various health hazards.

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Created by: Alison Price

Superfood Vitality Challenge Pack (Source: Miessence – OneGroup)

Are you ready to experience how Miessence’s potent, raw, vegan, certified organic superfoods can make a difference to your vitality and well-being?

As you take part in this 10 day journey, you may discover changes to your body, energy levels, your well-being, and even your mind!


The Vitality Challenge kit contains:
• 10 day supply of BerryRadical Antioxidant Superfood
• 10 day supply of DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood
• 10 day supply of InLiven Probiotic Superfood
• 20 page Vitality Challenge book including self-assessment guide, detox guide and bonus Smoothie recipes


On our Vitality Challenge mini-web site you will find:
• A wealth of information about our three Miessence Superfoods
• Information about the detox process as well as the benefits of accepting the Vitality Challenge
• A special offer – a minimum 20% off the full size Vitality Pack
• Free shipping when you commit to purchasing the Miessence Vitality Pack every month


Please note: The Vitality Challenge is a promotional product and is therefore not eligible for discount.

Learn more about Miessence Superfoods with Narelle Chenery, Director of Miessence.


If you would like to be added to the Facebook #10DayVitalityChallenge support group;

  1. Buy your superfoods – You can chose between the Vitality Challenge (10 day supply if taking 1 teaspoon of each per day, 20 days supply if taking half a teaspoon) or the full Vitality Pack (a month supply if taking 1 teaspoon of each per day).
  2. Contact me to be added to the Facebook Group.
  3. Participate during the challenge and every entry will count towards the prize. Every participant gets a chance to win since the winner is picked randomly (random.org).

Facebook Challenge starts the 1st of EVERY month. Contact me for more details at healthyways.birch@gmail.com



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