Butternut Squash Soup 2-Ways

Fall is the perfect season to make warm comforting butternut squash soup. Since butternut squash, apples, onions and carrots are in season, it is easier to find all the organic ingredients you need. I tend to make a big batch at a time (you can easily double or triple the recipe if you have a big enough pot) and freeze some for cold winter days.


Butternut Squash Soup 2-Ways


1 large organic butternut squash
1 large organic onion
3 organic red apples (gala, mac, red and delicious, etc.)
6 large organic carrots
8 cups organic broth (vegetable or chicken)
¼ to ½ cup organic green lentils (to add iron)
1 tablespoon organic coconut oil

Way 1: Casual spices: Himalaya salt, pepper and coriander (cilantro)
Way 2: Traditional Autumn spices: Himalayan salt, pepper, coriander (cilantro), cinnamon and nutmeg.

Depending on the spices used, this soup can have 2 distinctive flavours. I tend to use the first way for spring and summer, but there’s something about the spices in the second way, that brings a smile to my face on a beautiful fall day.



1 – Preheat oven at 350 degrees. Cut butternut squash in half (length-wise). Bake the squash for approximately an hour, flesh down on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.

2 – Let squash cool, then peel. Cut in pieces.

3- Add coconut oil in your large pot, sauté onion, carrots and apples until onions are soft.

4- Add broth and all ingredients in pot (fruits, veggies and lentils). Simmer on medium-low heat for 30 to 40 minutes.

5 – Purée soup to a smooth consistency with a handheld blender.

Tip: Leftovers can be frozen.

Recipe created by Isabelle Gagnon-Birch