Complete Protein Overnight Kamut Breakfast

Kamut Flakes are also known as Khorasan, an ancient non-hybrid wheat that can usually be tolerated by those with a sensitivity to modern hybrid wheat. They are similar to oats and can be eaten in a similar fashion. Added with Miessence Complete Protein, BerryRadical Antioxidants and/or InLiven Probiotics, other healthy & nutritious foods and topped with fresh fruits, this breakfast will definitely give you that extra boost needed to start your days on the right foot.


Complete Protein Overnight Kamut Breakfast with Miessence Complete Protein, BerryRadical antioxidants and InLiven Probiotics


½ cup Organic Kamut flakes
1 ½ cup almond mild
¼ cup organic unsweetened shredded coconut
1 tbsp Organic chia seeds
2 tbsp Miessence Complete Protein (will add sweetness to the breakfast cereal)
1 tsp of BerryRadical antioxidants and/or InLiven Probiotics
Topping: Fresh fruits (I like it with mashed or cut up banana).



1 – In large Mason jar, incorporate Kamut flakes, almond milk, shredded coconut, chia seeds and Miessence Complete Protein.

2- Shake well: Make sure the Complete Protein Powder did not clump up (you can mix the almond milk and protein powder in the blender before adding the other ingredients if desired, but not necessary).

3 – Let sit in the refrigerator overnight. The Kamut flakes will absorb the almond milk and the chia seeds will expand.

4 – Shake well before opening. Pour in a bowl. Mix in BerryRadical and/or InLiven. Garnish with fresh fruits or add a mashed banana.

Created by Isabelle Gagnon-Birch