Coop & Run

Take a virtual tour of our chicken coop & run! Everything was built by my husband. He worked REALLY hard to make me (and the chickens) happy!

Note: Our chickens are rarely confined to the run. We usually keep them in the run if we are aware of predators in the area, and when we are away for a while – at the discretion of our “chickensitter”.


Set up

The original construction plans were for a shed, but it was turned it into a chicken coop.
An air vent and windows (covered with chicken wire) were added.
Floors and walls are fully insulated (for the harsh Canadian winters).

Heat lamps will keep hens warm in the winter, and keep the coop above 0 degrees.

A roost and nesting boxes were also added.


Nesting boxesrunset up 2






dusk to dawn

A “Dusk to Dawn” chicken door automatically opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. We open the door to the run early in the morning to let the hens run free, graze on grass, various plants and bugs.

The chicken door is dis-activated during the harsh winter months.

A metal roof was added to part of the run, to provide shade and shelter from the rain and snow.

The chicken wire runs 2 feet underground to protect the hens from predators.