Crêpe Suzette (BR, IL or FT)

This recipe is a modified version of my grandmother’s “Crêpe Suzette”. It is basically a sweet, very thin pancake, in which you roll all kinds of sweet goodies. I modified the recipes to make it gluten-free, refined sugar free and diary-free. I usually add some BerryRadical or InLiven in the “filling” (mix it in hazelnut or almond butter).


Crêpe Suzette with Miessence BerryRadical, InLiven or Fast Tract


Crepe2 Tbsp organic honey
2 Tbsp Quinoa flour
2 small organic eggs or 1 large organic egg
¼ cup full fat organic coconut milk (can)
½ Tbsp organic vanilla extract
sprinkle of Himalayan salt
Organic coconut oil for the pan

Spread & toppings:

¼ to ½ tsp BerryRadical antioxidants or ¼ to ½ tsp InLiven Probiotics (can use Fast Tract Probiotics instead)
2 Tbsp of nut butter of your choice (I like almond or hazelnut butter)
Your choice of fresh fruits
Optional: Sprinkle of Ceylon cinnamon and honey on top



1 – Combine and whisk the honey, flour, egg(s), coconut milk, vanilla extract and salt.

2 – Heat a medium size, round pan (medium-high heat). Melt the coconut oil.

3 – Pour a thin layer of “liquid batter” (should make approximately 2 crêpes). When crêpe starts to bubble and there’s not liquid left, flip the crêpe. The crêpe should be golden brown on both sides.

4 – When cooked, gently slide the crêpe off the pan onto a plate. Spread the nut butter with superfood mixture, add fresh sliced organic fruits (like if you were making sushi), then roll the crêpe. Optional: Sprinkle cinnamon and honey on top.

Created by Isabelle Gagnon-Birch