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Are you tired of all those “Greenwashed” products & claims on the market? You want to be a part of this amazing team? You want to make pure, certified organic, natural choices for you and your family? You want to make a difference for the planet, our ecosystem and for our future? I would love to speak with you!! Send me your questions and we can set up a time to chat! Email me, Isabelle at
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  • Would you like to know more about running your own sustainable, environmentally responsible business using the world’s best certified organic products?
  • Miessence award-winning products are sold in several countries worldwide through an independent distributorship system.
  • Miessence Independent Representatives can receive discounts of up 40% off the recommended retail price, free shipping as well as the opportunity to receive their personal orders at no charge.
  • In addition, Miessence Independent Representatives receive outstanding business support including:
    • A customisable e-commerce web site
    • Product and business training
    • Access to marketing material
    • Access to an international support network of Miessence Independent Representatives
    • A fully streamlined ordering system direct to customers so there is no product handling required by representatives
    • Miessence representatives have unlimited earning potential through building a network of preferred customers and lifestyle members as well as sponsoring other people who would like to establish their own Miessence business.
    • Special incentives and bonuses are also paid on achieving success targets.

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Source: Miessence Business Opportunity Brochure – All The Ingredients for a Successful Business

A Pure Heart
It’s a given that a successful business must be profitable, but Miessence believes true success comes from having far more important values at our core; community, health and well-being and environmental sustainability. Miessence offers unique opportunity to be a part of a profitable and ethical company that offers an extensive range of beautiful, lovingly made, certified organic products for health, home and body. These products not only bring well-being and value to those who use the products but also actively support the environment as well as the fair-trade and organic farmers who supply our raw ingredients.

A Genuine Human Need To Fulfill
Are you concerned about the health and well-being of your family? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are concerned about the potential harm that symthetic chemicals in household and personal care products might be having on the health of those they love. For over 10 years, Miessence has offered truly authentic, certified organic alternatives to those products that are cause for concern.

A Global Industry Rising To The Need
Everyone is going organic these days – even your local supermarket. But did you know that many products that claim to be ‘organic’ are not truly such? Only products that are ‘certified organic’ have guaranteed integrity. And it’s no surprise, that with certified organic farming growing at 22% per year and the global organic economy to grow to more than $200 billion by 2023, many people are looking at being a part of this vital business sector.

A Business That Works For You
How many times have you heard of people being a slave to their job or their business? At Miessence, we believe a business should work for you. It should help bring your financial goals closer and still give you plenty of time for the things which are truly important – you family, your friends and your interests.

Network Marketing Without The Sell
Did you ever wonder whether there was an alternative to the high pressure tactics of other network and Direct Sales businesses? Miessence is about educating people about the potentially harmful toxins in many products that are used every day and providing a truly natural alternative that supports well-being, the environment and the world’s organic farmers. We believe business should be about helping customers made an informed choice about the products they buy and use, not the hard sell.

Being In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself
Business doesn’t have to be ‘lonely at the top’. If you have ever considered the personal, professional and financial growth of running your own business, then Miessence offers you the opportunity to start a business backed by an established international company that is dedicated to helping you succeed.

A Global Community Of Like-Minded People
We are in awe of the calibre of people that we attract to our business. We are a community of high integrity, intelligent, caring, conscientious, cultural creatives! Enjoy the loving communication with our huge network of friends around the world as part of a supportive environment that inspires you to prosper in all areas of your life.

There’s Never Been A Better Time! Are you ready:
  1. To start your new business?
  2. To help people who are looking online for certified organic alternatives to the many personal care and household products that they’re using already?
  3. To be part of a multi-billion dollar international growth industry?


Be The Change You Want To See

  • Wake up in the morning brush your teeth, wash your hair, moisturise, enjoy healthy superfoods knowing that all these products are artificial chemical and pesticide free, so they’re good for you and the environment
  • Know that your business is not only carbon neutral – it’s actually carbon negative by offsetting more CO2 through third-party planting of more than 22 species of native forest trees.
  • Support the organic farmers that support the environment and assist farmers in developing countries receive a fair price for their produce.
  • Make a stand against animal testing and farming practices use pesticides and native habitats by using and representing our products.
  • Join the leader in innovative, certified organic products and be part of a company with integrity and passion.


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