Miessence Products & Certifications

In short, here are some facts about Miessence (pronounced My Essence);

– Miessence was awarded organic certification in January of 2001. It is the world’s first certified organic skin care and cosmetic range, and it is tested by a third-party;
– All ingredients that enter the production process must be officially certified organic first;
– All products leaving the warehouse have to pass a multi-faceted quality control test;
– Products are made with no fillers, no toxins and are delivered fresh to your door;
– Products are hand-made in a unique cold formulation to ensure potency, living active ingredients;
– The manufacturing processes AND freight distribution is 110% carbon negative (which means they offset more than they emit in the manufacturing, transportation and promotion processes);
– All organic (and wild-harvested) ingredients are sources from certified organic land;
– Miessence believes in sourcing farmers who are fair-trade protected.

– There are three categories for the Miessence products; 1) Certified Organic to food-grade standards, 2) Certified Organic (cosmetic) and, 3) Made with certified Organic Ingredients (registered products). Read further about these certifications.

To find out more about Miessence, Narelle, the ingredients, ingredients they shun and much more, please visit my Miessence Independent Representative Website.

Narelle Chenery, Director (Miessence)
Alf Orpen, Director (Miessence)
Colin Chenery, Director (Miessence)