Organic Backyard Chickens

Getting little baby chicks is very exciting! They are cute, cuddly and oh so adorable! Keep in mind that, just like puppies, chicks grow up! There are many positives and negatives to consider before getting your own organic backyard chickens. On this page, we will be sharing our fun & excitement, our experience (good and bad), the knowledge we acquire and the tips & tidbits experts shared with us along the way. We would love to hear from you! Comment, share and discuss!

Getting Started – Chicks and Brooder

Meet our chickens – view pictures and videos

Chicken Coop & Run (Note: Our chickens are rarely confined to the run. We usually keep them in the run if we are aware of predators in the area, and when we are away for a while – at the discretion of our chickensitter.)

Organic Certification (under construction)

How to Keep Chickens Entertained (under construction)






Note: This information is based on our experience. If you have any specific inquiries, please contact your local experts or veterinarian.