Peanut Butter Caramel No-Cheese Cake

Happy Birthday Miessence! Miessence celebrated its 13th birthday in February 2016. This “cheesecake” was my entry for their cake contest and WON! A very rich, gluten/ grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, refined sugar-free and no bake “cheesecake”. It is made in three simple steps; the crust, the filling and the “caramel”. I also added BerryRadical antioxidant to the crust, and InLiven probiotics to the IMG_0171caramel.


Peanut Butter Caramel Dairy Free “Cheesecake” with Miessence InLiven probiotics and BerryRadical antioxidants

Crust Ingredients:
2 cups raw organic Almond Meal (Almond Flour)
1 cup organic Peanut Butter
½ cup organic honey
1 tsp organic vanilla extract
2 TBSP BerryRadical antioxidant

IMG_0153Crust Method:

1 – In a stand up mixer, mix almond meal and BerryRadical antioxidants

2 – In a small pot, incorporate peanut butter, honey and vanilla extract. Heat, on medium heat, until the mixture starts to bubble and thickens up. It will take approximately 10 minutes, stirring often. Be careful not to burn.

3 – Add the peanut butter mixture to the dry ingredients, and mix for approximately 1 minute on medium speed (slowly increasing the speed as it mixes).

4 – Cut a circle of parchment paper to fit a large, round pie pan. Insert the parchment paper in the pan, the pat down (very tight) 2/3 of the crust mixture, covering the bottom and sides.
*the remaining crust mixture will be used for the chocolate discs

5 – Refrigerate for 20 minutes.


Dairy Free Filling Ingredients:

1 can of full fat organic coconut milk – the cream portion only (refrigerate for 12 hours to separate the cream and the water, use the cream for the filling and you will use the water for the caramel)
1 cup organic raw cashew butter
2 tsp organic vanilla extract
2 TBSP organic Maple Syrup

Filling Method:

1 – In a stand up mixer, incorporate the cream portion of coconut milk (separated), the cashew butter, vanilla and maple syrup.

2 – Mix for 2 minutes, stopping to scrape the sides often.

3 – Pour the mixture on top of the refrigerated crust.

4 – Refrigerate for an hour or overnight.


Caramel Ingredients:

12 organic Medjool dates (soak in warm water for 10 minutes and remove pits)
¾ cup organic coconut water – use the water portion of the can used for the filling
2 tsp InLiven probiotics


Caramel Method:

1 – Incorporate soaked, pitted dates with coconut water (from the can) and InLiven in a food processor.

2 – Mix for approximately 5 minutes, until you have a smooth, creamy caramel mixture. If the caramel is too thick, you may choose to add some water.

3 – Pour on to of “cheesecake” and refrigerate OR keep it aside to pour on top as your serve the cheesecake.

*NOTE: you will not use all this mixture. Use leftover for discs.


IMG_0159Discs Ingredients and Method:

1 – In a small muffin tin, pat down crust mixture until ¼ full. Use the leftover mixture to make several discs. If you don’t use all the discs with the cheesecake, you can keep them as a treat for later.

2 – Add a tsp of caramel on top.

3 – Melt faire-trade organic dark chocolate, let cool for 5 minutes (you do not want to add very hot mixture on top of InLiven caramel), cover each disc.

4 – Freeze for 1 hour or overnight.

*you can easily remove discs by inserting a butter knife around it.


I hope you enjoying my winning recipe!

Recipe created by Isabelle Gagnon-Birch



(my recipe made by an employee at Miessence HQ for everyone to share)