Probiotics & Fermented Foods

The following are wise words from the late Czerral, creator of Miessence Probiotics. His wise words and contributions to the Miessence family live on. Thank you for creating such amazing superfoods.


Fermented Food
The Missing Link in our Food Chain

As far back as our records take us, man has used the art of fermenting foods to improve holding and storing properties. Particularly the milk from buffalo, camel, goat, sheep or cows were fermented naturally to produce an acidic-tasting food drink. Since this period, many races have fermented many types of foods in the need for developing new tastes, improving the shelf life and for their health-giving properties.

Lactobacillus Bacteria was used for fermentation…

Some of the foods fermented with Lactobacillus bacteria were – Coffee Beans, Salami, Ham, Fish, Vegetables, Tofu, Cheese, Yoghurt, fermented Milk drinks and Breads. In western cultures, the main source of Lactobacillus bacteria was in our breads and from our organic grains and vegetables.

History shows races of people who enjoy longevity also enjoy a diet high in fermented foods…

Man has been made aware of the benefits of fermented foods since the turn of the century. Friendly bacteria from the Lactobacillus family have been well-researched. Not only do these friendly bacteria inhibit the growth of pathogenic organisms (detrimental to good health), but they also improve the ability of the host to effectively digest, process, and absorb nutrients from their foods.

Animals also process their foods with the benefit of friendly bacteria. The size, length and composition of the digestive waste in animals varies depending on the types of feeds processed. Needless to say, plant-eaters ferment a large amount of vegetation to extract the nutrient value from the foods. Balancing good flora in the digestive tract is vital for the processing of foods.

Always sterilize utensils and containers before and after use.
Equal amounts of good and bad bacteria can live happily together and spoil your food.
Good fermentation ensures you have the good and none of the bad bacteria.

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Written by the late Czerral
Property of Miessence

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