Isabelle, Your Miessence Representative!

People whom already know me, know what I’ve been through, most understand why I decided to do this blog, join Miessence and post my recipes. For those of you wondering… here’s a little insight about my past, and part of why I am, who I am today. I hope you enjoy my blog… But I especially hope you enjoy my recipes!!

We all have a story, and a reason behind our mission to maximise our health… this is ours! Our story and lifestyle changes, began years ago.

Many of my health struggles started as a teenager. At the age of sixteen, I was a passenger in a devastating motor vehicle accident which took the life of my big brother, and almost took mine. Laying there, beside his lifeless body for over an hour, I knew my life would never be the same. I was extremely lucky not to succumb to my injuries, still be able to walk following a spinal injury (and still have my right foot, which they were convinced they wouldn’t be able to save). Following over a dozen surgeries, I struggled through emotional and physical rehabilitation and I was taking at least 10 prescription drugs per day (narcotics, blood thinners, etc.). My body couldn’t handle it anymore. I started getting several side effects and developed an intolerance for most. This was almost a blessing, because that’s when my family doctor introduced me to “Alternative Medicine”. After over a year of dealing with excruciating pain in my back and both ankles (fractures, pins and plates), having issues with my digestive system (perforated colon and colostomy – which has since been reversed) and several other issues (including PTSD), I discovered reflexology and acupuncture. It completely transformed my life! I didn’t need anymore prescription drugs to deal with the pain, my anxiety, nausea, etc. I spent most of my young adult life researching and learning about holistic/ natural treatments. I was able to learn how to live a “normal” life again, as “normal” as it could get without my loving, adventurous, amazing big brother, my hero.

Fast-forward to years later, when I married my soulmate, the love of my life! My new husband and I were excited to start a family and have a little bundle of joy to add to our happiness. Little did we know, we were heading down a LONG emotional road. We struggled through years of infertility, several heartbreaking miscarriages and fertility treatments (both holistic and Western Medicine). Following further testing, our Doctors came to the conclusion that our fertility issue was categorized as “unexplained infertility”, and that the trauma my body had gone through had little to no impact on this particular “issue”. Determined to find the cause, I started researching further and made numerous changes to our lifestyle. I spent nights/ years reading about several toxins, chemicals and pesticides used on/in our food, others to make beauty products, more for household cleaners, new furniture, etc. Our trips to the grocery store and health food stores turned into hours of reading labels, understanding labels, researching many of what seemed to be marketing tactics (all empty claims and promises), even on many “pure”, “green” or “organic” products!!

Frustrated, I came across Miessence (pronounced My Essence) while searching online for ORGANIC TO FOOD STANDARDS products – which I thought would have been impossible to find. The more I read about Miessence, the products, the company values and the mission, the more I had to be a part of this amazing company! That is how Miessence became a part of our family… and how we also became a part of the Miessence family.

You might be wondering “What happened to our dream of having Children?”. The GREAT news is, although it took us eight years and numerous lifestyle changes, we are proud parents of two little miracles – both conceived naturally!  Now, we choose Miessence because our family deserves the best, the purest and healthiest products, because our children need a healthy Planet for a bright future and finally, because I finally found certified organic to food standards, non-GMO, raw and handmade products that I can trust and love.

We are thrilled to be your Miessence Independent Representatives.